A bit about me, about Youth Workers Toolbox, and you…

If you work with children and teens…
If you’re passionate about nurturing, teaching and  protecting  youth..
If you’re interested in sharing and widening your skills and building your “toolbox…”
Then it’s about time that you found Youth Workers Toolbox! And thanks.

Hello…and Welcome!

I have had the privilege, great joy and challenge of working with young people for almost forty years. (I know…old as dirt!) I’ve taught Sunday School, worked with 4-H, run retreats for children and adults, and work (still!) as a youth advocate in my home community for the past twenty-nine years. (Once, when I turned fifty, a middle school-aged child told me, by way of a complement on my 50th birthday, said, “You’re not an antique yet,” she said, “But you are a collectible!” And that was thirteen years ago now.

While you do the math, let me say that it’s time to share what I’ve learned, formally, by trial and error, and from many colleagues and like-minded adults who also honor and understand children, with a wider circle of folks both near and far. Ideally in time Youth Workers Toolbox will become a collaborative of many voices and be a source of ideas, inspiration and resources to educators, youth workers and faith leaders working with children.

Have a look around, perhaps share a comment (below) and consider adding your name to our email list.

Kevin Lee,
Dartmouth, MA, USA

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