The following list is what I know, feel and believe within. The more formal biography follows. I am honored that you have taken the time to read this. Thank you

  • I was born, I am alive, and each day is a gift.
  • I love my wife Betty Ann with my whole heart and complete devotion.
  • I am rich in daughters.
  • And now richer still by six beautiful¬†grandchildren.

    Kevin and friends

  • That many years ago something called my name….
  • …And gave me a map to understand the children…
  • …That’s given me work for 29 years and counting…
  • …And a passion for honoring children…
  • …And an eye and heart for photography.
  • I accept the fact that evil lives, and that God lives larger.
  • That holy moments dwell in salt air, chunks of chocolate, a child’s laughter, and in words that find new homes.

The usual bio of yours truly is below:


Kevin is employed by the Dartmouth Youth Commission, Town of Dartmouth, as its Youth Advocate. Kevin works with children, pre-teens and teens in individual, group, and family counseling settings. His work takes him into schools, homes, occasionally the courts, where he supports young people and their families coping with such diverse issues as divorce, substance abuse, survival from physical and sexual trauma, self-esteem, peer relationships, domestic violence and grief/loss issues. Kevin is also a frequent presenter at workshops and seminars throughout the area as time allows.

At my best on right!


Kevin graduated from the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1971. Additional Undergraduate course work was completed at Southeastern Massachusetts University (now University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth) in 1984. In 1998, Kevin graduated from Andover Newton Theological School with a Masters of Divinity degree (M. Div), with a concentration in Pastoral Counseling. Kevin is a Certified Conflict Resolution Mediator, and is a trained Disaster Response Volunteer with The National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA).


Kevin and his spouse, Elizabeth, have three grown daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. The Lee’s have been residents of Dartmouth for thirty-eight years. Kevin’s hobbies include photography, rowing, writing, blogging and just sitting looking at the ocean! Kevin is also active within his faith community. He is a recorded minister within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), providing retreats and pastoral care to children and parents within his faith community.

The Mix:
It’s been my experience that one’s faith can help to hold and strengthen people in a crazy world. That said, I have absolutely no interest or need in bringing anyone to God. That’s your business, not mine. Whatever color you paint your God, or paint anything but God, is fine with me. I celebrate people, all people, however and wherever they may be in life. It’s all gift. It’s all wonder.

With camera

Thank you,

Kevin Lee

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