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This site is dedicated to supporting youth workers, educators, clinicians and religious leaders who work with children in various settings. I have had the privilege of working directly with children, teens and parents within various settings for over thirty-five years. Through it all the work has been varied and rich with facilitating groups, programs, crisis response, leading retreats, providing individual counseling and facilitating workshops and training events for adults who work with youth. Colleagues and other adults working in clinical practices, within faith communities and community settings frequently contact me seeking input and advice on various youth

Here’s Looking at You!

related issues. Youth Worker’s Toolbox allows me and others to share some of the things that we have learned over the years which ultimately benefits young people near and far. If you are relatively new to working with young people, you’ll find many helpful tips at Youth Workers Toolbox. If you have been working with children and teens for years, then others will benefit from whatever wisdom you may decide to share. My goal throughout is to keep things lighthearted, real and honest.

“The Toolbox” is where you will find relevant topics related to our work of caring for and working with children and teens. I encourage you to explore these offerings and use them however you like. Over the years the following topics have been especially useful to many youth workers during workshops, training sessions and one-to-one consultations:

  • Taking care of you, the caregiver
  •  Crisis Response: Supporting children and teens through times of crisis and tragedy.
  • Understanding approaches to Urgent and Crisis Response.
  • Realistic best practices, tips and resources on insuring child safety.
  • Industry news and updates. (Coming soon!)
  • “Juice and Joy:” Unique (slightly irreverent?) resources, inspirational writing, video clips, funny stories, and whatnot to keep our essential creative juices flowing! Oh yeah, my how we need to laugh!

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Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. –  source unknown.