Ageless Notes and Quotes

Ageless Notes and Quotes is a story about words, time and what endures. Some twenty-plus years ago I walked in to Brightman’s, an old-fashioned stationery store nearby that had literally, itself, stopped in time decades Old hinged notebookbefore. The store owners, a husband and wife team, who themselves had to have been in their 80’s back then, were slowly having a “going out of business” sale. I say slowly because even the “Going out of business” banner hanging in the window looked weathered and frayed.

The place was piled high with old IBM cards, yellowing reams of legal pads, hand-entry time sheets and long-since outdated packages of ledger paper that was standard office supplies long before the arrival of electronic and computer processing. And there were notebooks aplenty. Old three-ring leather and hard-board covered notebooks that opened and closed with honest-to-goodness metal hinges, designed to be used for a worker’s lifetime, then archived on shelves for the next generation to reference.

I bought one. Paid three dollars for it and walked out feeling like I had scored a piece of time and immortality itself.  I bought the notebook specifically to hold my growing collection of prayers, quotes and inspirational passages that I had been collecting since my late teen years…way before computers.  Mobile devices back then were called pencils that you carried in your pocket.

Now, here I am, three decades later, slowly transcribing  every poem  and every quote I saved (including a few I wrote) into a Word document, that will by the time you read this, be edited further, copied and posted to the site you’re on right now.

And here’s the fun part, for me at least. During my working years as the Youth Advocate for the Town of Dartmouth, I had a handful of youthful clients, and a few random parents, who knew that I loved certain kinds of quotes. Before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates made it out of the garage with what would become Apple and Microsoft, clients, parents, other adults and I were sending quotes back and forth via US Mail. Soon, we began emailing them, then Face-Booking, texting and eventually Instagram brought me a pile more. Now and then an older Quaker elder would bring me full-circle with the arrival of a mailed little greeting card. When I opened the card, a paperclip of assorted quotes that she knew I would like, slid out. And in to my sturdy old notebook they went.

If you enjoy quotes, here’s the good news!

Old hinged notebookRise This has a section called “Rise Up Quotes” (you might be on it now!) that has a variety of quotes, poems and prayers, divided by topic,  that have come my way through many friends and through my own discovery.

If you want to feel better, if you want to feel supported, cherished, prodded and hopefully inspired by these offerings, then please take a moment and check out my collection of special quotes. I’m confident that you’ll be glad that you did. My sense too is that my old notebook with its metal hinges, that I still use, will be squeaking away with delight.


As always, I thank you!

Text and images by K. Lee


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