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Welcome to Rise This Day, and thanks for visiting! Using my own original stories and images, Rise This Day exists, hopefully, as a place of calm and inspiration in a world that’s all too frantic and conflict-torn. The tagline, Seeking Light Through Words and Images, is, in a nutshell, the unwavering focus of this site. Images, text, and original graphics featured on Rise This Day reflect my experiences and take on life … thus far!

Topics shared on Rise this day, from posts to pages, reflect my care for and work with others down through the years, which, I hope will prove enjoyable and useful to you as well.

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How rise this day can help

If you’re looking for fresh content that isn’t canned, mass-produced or peppered with buy this or buy that, then you’ve come to the right place! if you’re seeking practical resources that can support you or loved ones, then please keep reading below:


If you’re a parent, or grandparent, check out my ever-expanding Everything Family section that covers a myriad of topics that impact many families from time to time.


If you’re feeling stuck, in a rut, out of gas or just up to your eyeballs with the challenges of work, kids and dealing with others, have a look at my Finding Rest in the Storm section. Some very specific, supportive info and resources, such as meeting your own personal and emotional needs, job stress, relationship issues, etc,  are covered at Finding Rest in the Storm.


We feed the heart, our hearts, in many ways, for sure, and my healing the heart category includes stories and useful resources that help us heal the things that hurt within us.


Feeding the Soul examines the things within and around our lives that either nurture or damage the core of our being.


Honoring The Spirit within and around us can be either the easiest or the most difficult concept to embrace depending on how we perceive and receive the very idea and existence of a spiritual realm. So welcome to the weeds of spirituality! Check it out, it just might help you sort all this “God and/or vs. religious stuff out!


Let’s just say that Juice and Joy is a section of my site that
is devoted to the stuff of life that comes without words,  is spontaneous in nature, is sometimes humorous and always strives to hold up and celebrate all that is good… come on, my guess is that you need this!


If you enjoy quotes and phrases that nurture and celebrate the human condition, then have a peek at my Rise Up Quotes section that is divided by topic and areas of interest. Sometimes the wisdom and experiences of others, known and unknown, is just what we need to navigate over the speed bumps of life!

Rise Up Reflections

Awhile ago I begun a new practice of participating in daily reflections offered at (A terrific site, btw!) I have named my responses Rise Up Reflections which you can check out if you’re interested. What’s interesting, is that some of the daily questions that come from, and most especially after my reflective responses each day, seem to be finding their way into new stories and articles here at Rise This Day. As Ram Dass was fond of saying (God rest his soul) “There are no accidents.

About my Images on Rise This Day

With rare exception, images on Rise This Day are my own. I frequently use my images as a source of reflection and inspiration that in turn inform and shape the stories that I write. Other times, after completing a story or article, the writing process reminds me of an image in my photo files that seems to fit the written piece. (Feel free to scope out my photo albums at KevinLeePhotography, too!)  As I move into my retirement years my goal is to blend more of my photography with my writing in ways that highlight and celebrate our shared human condition.

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Should you be interested, I also can be reached on the following social media platforms:
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My bio and My credo in life and ministry is a glimpse of who and what I am as a person, should you seek to know more about how I tick and what got me to this place in life, etc.

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He likes my tie!

My bio

My credo in life and ministry.

Above all, I hope that Rise This Day can be a source of gentleness, spirit-filled exploration and even rest in the storm of life for you and others who visit. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome below. And again if I may, please consider joining my email list using the sign-in box highlighted in yellow on this page. Thank you, and welcome!

Is there a catch? 

No catch. I’m not after anyone to buy anything, nor am I pushing one faith community over another. Do I believe in a God? Yes, it seems that I do, though I sometimes wonder why. Do I want you to also? Only if it makes your life better. Do I think you should practice or belong to a religion? Not unless you want to. But I have good news…honest…I have cleared up the question for good on what the difference is between what’s spiritual and what’s religious in thirty-seven words. I know…brilliant.  Rush to find out here!

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Welcome, thank you, and Rise This Day to Seize the Day!

Text and images by Kevin Lee

3 thoughts on “Begin Here”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I hope you don’t mind my replying here to your gratefulness dot com posting from the other day. You can delete the comment as it is only intended as a way of communicating directly with you.

    The fact is despite your kindhearted offer of Reiki, combined with my own contribution of the same, I am in greater pain then ever before. I did not want to post this publicly for fear anyone unfamiliar with Reiki could be unwilling to try it.

    Frankly, this baffles me as I have never experienced this. It has always rapidly worked in the opposite.

    I believe some lesson is being taught with the wisdom yet to reveal itself.

    Again, thank you for the Reiki. Knowing its energy is within me provides comfort.

    In metta,


    1. Hello LJ, Gosh, I am so sorry to hear that your pain is escalating. And here you are still caring for others along the way. (Do know that it is always fine to contact me here as well…anytime.) My prayers certainly will continue for you also, so please know that. I will give this reply time to reach you and show that it has been read, then I will mark it private so that it will not be visible to others. I am very willing to communicate further as well using my email, which is private and not on my site here. It’s . That way, should you choose, we can share back and forth a bit more about approaches, etc. to managing and coping with pain. Please take care, hopefully better days are coming for you my friend.


    2. Hello LJ! I read your comments, have received and practiced Reiki. But I wanted to address your pain. I lived with back pain 12 years due to lax ligaments which allowed the vertebrae to press on the spinal cord. During that time I worked as a massage therapist and could understand my clients who came to me in pain from their back. I had to watch most of my steps because if I placed my foot on ground that was unstable or uneven, the jarring caused terrible pain. I had to be mindful of my posture most of the time. It got to where I could not turn over or move when in bed. Nothing helped, nothing healed for those years. So, I learned to be aware of moments when I had no pain and there were moments. Moments. I lived in those moments as fully as possible. When I had to move and knew it would hurt, I moved on an exhalation because everything momentarily relaxes on exhalation. I figured I would live with pain the remainder of my life. There came a brief window of time when I had generous insurance coverage and was able to have surgery that took care of the problem.
      You may not have that opportunity today, but I wanted you to know I have been where you are and will remember and hope you will be able to maximize your moments of less or no pain until such time of complete healing.

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