About Kevin Lee

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About Kevin Lee: The Less than Formal Bio:

Fashionable Retreat Attire!
  • I am passionate about writing and photography!
  • I’ve been working with children and teens for thirty-five years and still love my work.
  • I began a Quaker Retreat Program for children in grades 2-6 in 1988. I’ve since retired from running it but still enjoy staffing several times a year.
  • I’m a huge NPR radio fan. Name the program, and chances are I’ve listened to it.
  • I think that George Bush was the worst president we’ve ever had. I also think that the Republicans should nominate Lord Voldemort for president.He’s just their kind of guy.
  • I’m a Quaker. I’m also a Recorded Minister within my faith community.
  • I’m married to the best darn woman in the world… 43 years and still ticking..
  • I like chocolate, decent scotch, good rum, and I knock things over to get to brownies made by our daughter, Jen!
  • I don’t cook. But I did make cookies once from the frozen foods case….when I was in seventh grade.
  • I pay attention to light and Light, rocks with energy, healing touch…. and there’s something about the Cross, that will not leave me alone.

Five Things About Kevin that most people don’t know (or care) about.

About Kevin Lee: The More formal Bio:

Personal: Kevin Lee and his spouse, Betty Ann Lee, have three grown daughters, and six grandchildren. The Lee’s have lived in Dartmouth, MA, (USA) close to 40 years. Kevin’s hobbies include photography, rowing, walking, writing/blogging and just sitting looking at the ocean! kleepic

Education: Graduated from the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1971. Additional undergraduate course work was completed at Southeastern Massachusetts University (now University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth) in 1984. Graduate from Andover-Newton Theological School, Masters of Divinity Degree, with a concentration of studies in Pastoral Counseling, 1998.

Professional: Kevin is employed by the Dartmouth Youth Commission, Town of Dartmouth (MA), as the Town’s Youth Advocate. Kevin has held this position for 30 years. Kevin works with children, preteens and teens in individual, group, and family counseling settings. His work takes him into schools, homes, occasionally the courts, where he supports young people and their families coping with such diverse issues as divorce, substance abuse, survival from physical and sexual trauma, self esteem, peer relationships, domestic violence and grief/loss issues. Kevin is also a frequent presenter and facilitator at workshops and seminars throughout the area as time allows.

Ministry:  Credo in ministry. Kevin is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). His home Meeting (or church) and membership is with the Westport Monthly Meeting of Friends, Westport, MA. In 1991, Westport Friends and Sandwich Quarterly Meeting of Friends, having affirmed his sustained gifts in ministry among children and families, recorded Kevin as a Friends Minister. In 1988, Kevin founded and was the Coordinator of the Junior Yearly Meeting Elementary Retreats, a retreat program for children in grades two through six, until his retirement in September of 2013. Kevin serves as the designated Pastoral Counselor at New England Yearly Meeting’s Annual Sessions. Considered collectively, these two functions among Friends have created openings to provide pastoral care and support to families and persons throughout the year.

Previously, Kevin served on the Board of Directors and Advocacy Committee of the Greater New Bedford Council of Churches. Additional ecumenical ministry includes guest presentations at area places of worship and co-leading a series of support groups for persons who minister to children in their churches. Kevin is frequently asked to participate in or facilitate retreats, forums and training workshops for parents, youth workers, First Day School teachers (Sunday School) and others working in ministry and related topics.

Goodness…I’d say that’s more than enough about Kevin Lee! (But thanks for reading this far!)

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