Five Things About Kevin Lee

  1. My full name is Joseph Kevin Michael Patrick Lee (if you please!)

    Image of Kevin hamming it up
    Kevin (wearing tie) looking his best!
  2. I was born first and last….an only child. One was apparently enough for my mother!
  3. I was born in Boston, MA, USA, and there were times when my unheated bedroom was so cold that my mother used to put hot bricks wrapped in towels that she warmed in the oven at the foot of the bed, just under the sheets. (It’s true. Honest.)
  4. When I was nine I almost drowned while sledding on a (mostly) frozen brook. Fell through, sled and all and came up under the ice, but the current pushed me back to the hole I had just fallen through. Since then, I’ve always taken that as some kind of a sign…of either stupidity for sledding on thin ice to begin with, or, that God had other plans for me.
  5. I believe in living my life in Capital Letters!

So there you have it, the Five Things About Kevin Lee! Why the list of five? Well, years ago I was in a workshop in which the facilitator told us to come up with five things that others present wouldn’t know about ourselves. The exercise drove me nuts, but I came up with these five things.

As for my long list of birth names, young people are seemingly forever intrigued by Joseph Kevin Michael Patrick Lee (need I say that I grew up in an Irish Catholic family?) As part of my storytelling gig over the years, I added the “if you please.” The funny thing has been that many children with whom I have worked with over the years have made it their mission to learn all five of my names, and years later they traipse back through to visit and take delight in rattling off all my names again. My grandmother would be proud, I’m sure, even if I did leave Catholicism by the time I hit my teens.

Kevin Lee


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