Finding Rest in the Storm

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Sooner or later we all feel that we could use a little Rest from the Storm” or from the storms of life. Challenges and upheavals at home, at work or within our personal lives can wreak havoc and leave us feeling adrift without a rudder to stay the course.

This section of Rise This Day, named Finding Rest in the Storm, is provided as a resource to visitors, and hopefully, provides a measure of solace as well. The topics covered here reflect the kinds of issues and challenges my clients and their families have presented for more than three decades, and/or within pastoral care settings among Quakers of all ages. The highlighted and linked titles below take you to their own pages within Rise This Day. More topics will be added as time goes along. If you know that things could be better but you don’t know where to begin, then I encourage you to start with….Start Here below!

Don’t Know Where to Begin? Start HERE

Sometimes it’s hard to know just where (or how) to begin. If this is how you feel, I urge you to begin with the Rise This Day Self-Survey, that can help you to narrow down what is and is not working for you personally, at home and at work. The Self-Survey is a quick yes or no process of about a dozen questions, with additional resources that are related to each question. But first, Start here!

Caring for Others

For those whose work is caring for others.

Naming, Claiming and Meeting Your Needs

Approaches and resources for caregivers (like you?) to help them care for themselves.

Is Your Job Sucking You Dry?

A discussion and resources for helping you decide if it’s time to begin seeking new employment.

More Ways of Finding Rest in the Storm

Within your workflow

Your calendar: If you have control of your own calendar it can be helpful to block out certain times for making phone calls and call-backs, or actually scheduling time for clearing your desk and the end of each day. Workflow experts will say that this helps to reduce stress. Do you plan in advance what your days will require, or do things “just happen” spontaneously? Anytime you can plan what your day will bring helps to keep you in control of your work, and not the other way around. Do you schedule realistic time frames for appointments, or do you frequently run late, which makes you late for your next scheduled appointment? We already know how stress inducing these situations can be!

Commuting time to work: Leave for work earlier! I know, it’s a no-brainer, but it goes a long way at reducing work-related stress…even before you get to work!

Meals at work: Whenever possible, try to plan in advance and bring meals in from home, instead of going out or grabbing take out foods. The quality of the food will be better, you’ll have more time to eat it, and you’ll save money too!

Within your Emotional and Spiritual Life

Meditation: Don’t laugh…it works, and it works wonders for many people! For starters, meditation can lower your blood pressure, calm your mind, lessen anxieties, help you to metabolize food more effectively, and provide a foundation for exploring your spirituality. There are many forms of meditation practices to choose from too that match or fit your personal preferences and available time. Read this Web MD article on the value of meditation.

Healing and renewing elements: Getting near to a source of water (lakes, ocean, rivers, brooks, etc) regularly also helps to relieve stress. (More soon on this in its own article.) Some people find that seeing the horizon, or even just seeing expanses of sky, helps to lift their mood and resets their inner sense of balance.

Plants and Animals: The emotional and spiritual benefits of gardening and working with plants is well-known. Same goes for interacting with animals too. Some people resonate with one or the other, or both. The point is to not overlook these simple forms of enjoyment and self-nurture. Remember, you don’t have to wait for old-age and living in a nursing home for the activities director to bring around “companion dogs” for the residents to pet! Need proof? Check out this Web MD article.

What’s Your Hobby or Special Passion? Sometimes, when we’ve become so ridiculously busy with our work we have to remind ourselves that we have, or had a hobby or outside of work passion for something, and find a way to get back to it! (At least I know that’s been true for myself.)

Text and images by Kevin Lee

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