Healing the Heart

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We feed the heart, our hearts, in many ways, for sure. And if you consult the Internet, the remedies there suggest that lots of people in marketing have the perfect fix for whatever ails your heart and spirit, from yoga, macro diets, cleansing, this “life changing workshop” to “try my supplements for thirty days and feel the results!” Even though some, and I emphasize some, of these approaches and products do help, none truly offer anything close to healing the heart. Only we, oftentimes with the help of others, can heal our own heart, when it is broken within.

At Rise This Day, I’m not selling any of that. (Well, I’m not selling anything, Healing the Heart .Image of Kevin listening to a childactually.) It’s been my experience that healing the heart is challenging work, spiritually, emotionally and physically. And doing so isn’t usually found in a bottle or with the swipe of your credit card.

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For over thirty years in the course of doing my work (and ministry) I have had the tender privilege of listening to people. Not just hearing people, but deep listening to children, teens and adults from the deepest places of their hurts and fears within group settings and individual counseling appointments and consultations. Some were coping with physical and mental health challenges, others with surviving traumatic events and domestic/family dysfunctions. Many of these dear souls, in addition to everything else, were also coping with day-to-day with broken hearts and battered spirits. Not the kind of broken heartedness that sometimes comes with lost loves and hurtful words, but the kind of deep-seated and pervasive brokenness that casts a heavy, dark blanket over how one receives and experiences the world. It’s these hearts, belonging to people who have suffered mightily, that especially deserve to feel better and to heal.

How Healing the Heart at Rise This Day can help:

  • Though there are no real quick fixes, just beginning by naming what hurts can help. Healing the Heart begins with peeling away the layers, exposing the hurt and giving it a name.
  • Articles and posts that are categorized under Healing the Heart will be about shedding light, love and self-realization that healing is always possible.
  • Approaches to Healing the Heart at Rise This Day will include upbeat and life-affirming images and reflections that have stood the test of time, and where possible, include a bit of humor as a part of the journey.

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Kevin Lee

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