Stephanie’s Gift

Stephanie's Gift .Wall Art by Stefanie (1 of 4), Stephanie's Gift
Stephanie’s gift of wall art to Kevin in 2001
The Meaning of Stephanie’s Gift of Wall Art to Kevin

Just about everything I stood for ethically, professionally and spiritually was contained in this gift of art from Stephanie, who served as an intern in one of the support groups that I ran for many years. It was a tremendous honor for me to receive this, not so much as a wonderful gift, which it absolutely was, but as an affirmation of what was on its way to becoming a life’s work for me.

The text that rings the border is a little group-ending chant that I wrote that we shared each week before leaving. It’s a call and response piece, where I say the first line, with gusto and verve, and children repeat that line out loud immediately after. It goes like this:

I am a neat, fantastic, human person?
And nobody else is me, see?
From where down there, to way up here,
Nobody, else, is me!
I am me, see?
My Mudda. My Fadda. My whole Fambamily,
Is lucky, to have, ME!
I am me, see?
And please, don’t you, forget it!
Thank you.
You’re welcome!

Text and chant by Kevin Lee

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