Kevin’s Credo

Kevin’s Credo: It continues to be my experience that we are called to journey and seek that of the Spirit¬†rain and bowl graphictogether, creating not creeds and religious formulas for walling off God or Spirit, but communities of any number, that rise and build and feel our way through life together. For me, living near to the Spirit is not about club membership or punching my spiritual ticket for a life hereafter. There is work and Grace and hurt and joy aplenty in each hour and day to keep whatever tools and gifts that I have been entrusted with busy for my lifetime.

Whatever holy is, no matter by what name, and how that of Grace may settle into the fabric of my days, I continually find within the eyes of children, among trees, in stones and water, in light and form, and in words. And if Grace attends, words rise within and mirror back what Spirit brings.

I have the honor of being present to rise this day, to a sunrise and beginning. And as each sunset comes, I hold the hope to rise again into a brand new day, to pray and celebrate what comes, and as way opens to heal what hurts in some small way. This, as my credo and prayer, is all I can proclaim.

Pouring Water Thank you, precious Holy Spirit, and thank you too, my friend, for being in my life.






Text by Kevin Lee
Graphics source unknown. (The hard copies I possess predate the Internet.)

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  1. have started praying more since i came to your blessed site kevin and your site gives me so much peace .thank you

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