Rise Up Reflections

Rise Up Reflections is inspired primarily by Gratefulness.org. (Please check them out!) in which I consider a different question each day to reflect upon. As a practice this helps me to go more deeply into thought and spiritual reflection on topics that I may not have ever considered before.

Rise Up Reflections

At the 18th month mark of responding to each new question, seven days a week, I have discovered the following: First, Sometimes the questions themselves or my reflections in reply, have helped to inspire me to write new posts and/or pages for Rise This Day. This has been a wonderful discovery. Secondly, I have been enjoying greatly being active in the Gratefulness.org community itself. And lastly, the content became so rich that I needed to break things down by the month, instead of by season, to keep things manageable!

I respond to the Daily Questions for my own benefit primarily. You might find value in considering the questions for your own emotional and spiritual condition too. Your reflections and responses to me in the comment box below are always appreciated. Some of the comments have remained private and left unpublished to safeguard privacy.  Also, let me also express my appreciation to the good folks who have added their names and emails to receive the other ongoing content that I create here at Rise This Day. Over the months it has become apparent that a number of people who subscribe to Gratefulness.org and participate in the Daily Questions on that site have opted in to follow Rise This Day. And you know who you are!

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