Self-Survey Checklist

Don’t Know Where to Begin? Start here with Rise This Day’s Self-Survey Checklist!

Start Here with Rise This Day’s Self-Survey Checklist. It’s quick and easy and available here in Word or pdf. Try to answer each question honestly and rate your Yes or No accordingly. The questions are listed below, but again, the Rise This Day Self-Survey Checklist is easier to use.helpful tips, Don't Know Where to Begin? Start Here

Am I getting enough quality sleep?
Am I happy with my work?
Is the work I do fulfilling?
Is my weight in a healthy place?
Am I eating the right foods?
Am I getting enough exercise?
Do I get enough recreation and down-time?
Is alcohol or drug use causing me problems?
Do I have hobbies or activities that renew me?
Am I in touch with my losses in life and possibly unresolved grief?
Do I have a sense of a spiritual life that nurtures my heart and soul?
Is there someone in your life whom you cannot forgive?

Once you complete the Self-Survey Checklist

What items that need attention are actionable? If you think perhaps yes, but still not sure what to consider first, click here for a brief discussion on each topic.

Do you need support with things that need to be addressed in order to help you feel and get to a better place? Or, can you map out a plan to tackle one or more items yourself?

If you know in your heart of hearts that you can’t or won’t do the above Self-Survey Checklist honestly, consider seeking out support in one of the following ways:

Ask your current supervisor or employer for either supervision from or consultation with someone trained in your field who also has supervisory skills. (Not from the office manager or dispatcher, etc!) Sometimes additional support is actually available but you need to ask for it. Some companies contract with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is designed to be confidential. Find out if you workplace offers such a service.

If the organization that you work for doesn’t seem to offer much in the form of support and guidance, or, if what they offer isn’t much or doesn’t hit the mark, then consider finding a few of your colleagues in your field and get a group going. It could meet monthly or bi-monthly over coffee or whatever. The point is that you and others in the group will all have an opportunity to share mutual experiences and support one another, etc. And usually these groups exist at no expense to the group.

Seek online help: Yes, like Rise This Day, and others! Some of the better online sources of support are found within membership sites and are team-run by real, every day people with credentials and authority in a specific field. This is important. Look for forums that are active and covering relevant topics. Be careful of highly political and/or specific religious sites that tend to sprinkle their ideology or dogma throughout their material, etc. That said, there are some very good people out there who can and will offer their support from afar. You just need to exercise caution as you explore.

Nearby colleges or universities frequently offer career guidance and counseling, so be sure to check these resources out to if you think that they can help you.


Text by Kevin Lee