Spiritual or Religious?

The question sometimes rolls like this:Spiritual or Religious? hokey-pokey
“Is Rise This Day┬áspiritual or religious?”

Spiritual, I hope. But maybe not.
Religious? Hopefully not.
But then again, who knows.

You decide.
And once you figure it out
don’t tell anyone.

But Seriously, spiritual or religious?

Sometimes I wonder if it even matters. And at other times I know in my heart of hearts that it absolutely does matter. As a Friends Minister I have seen and felt the power of prayer and how being a part of a faith community helped people to heal or cope with life’s difficult challenges.

I have also worked with people young and old who did not identify with any religion or any particular faith community. And yet these folks clearly experienced a spiritual life, or something at work spiritually within them, that was every bit as powerful as other people with memberships or affiliations within a mainstream faith community.

And this brings me back to where I began. Spiritual or Religious, does it matter? It only matters if it matter to you.

Kevin Lee

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