A Snow Row Race for the Ages

We are the Gray Buzzards rowing team and have been together long enough to know why we’re called the Gray Buzzards. We are also glad to report that the Snow Row 2017 is now in the books. And what a race it was! Actually, with winds blowing 20 and gusting to 30 knots, it felt like less of a race and more like surviving an obstacle course. We would learn, soon after the race was over, that one boat carrying two rowers flipped over just yards from our start on the beach, and two others were blown so far off course that the Coast Guard towed them back to port. It truly was A Snow Row Race for the ages.


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Keeping things Positive

Keeping things positive.
A great example of reframing!

Keeping things positive is a response to a question about how I deal with all the negative messaging we receive every day. I mentioned to an online friend that I had signed up for a twenty-one day online retreat (I don’t know why they call it that, it’s really a mini-course.) about reframing negative messages at Spirituality and Practice.

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Unfinished Business

Unfinished business. Image of simple creche.
Rebecca’s Creche

The following reflection, “Unfinished Business,” was written by me to share at my Quaker Meeting’s Christmas Eve Service on December 24, 2016. The post was set to publish about the same time that I shared it during our service.

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What am I waiting for?

What am I waiting for? I ask myself this question about six times a day. I think that I’m waiting for divine intervention or for the phone to ring or for Google to send me a map to follow. What am I waiting for?

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Mr. Perry’s Chickens

Thirty years ago we moved into our present suburban home and quickly discovered that we were literally surrounded by four families all bearing the same last name. Three generations in fact.  Mr. Perry Number One, as I think of him, the clan’s eldest member, borders our place to the north and is the focus of my story today called Mr. Perry’s Chickens. Continue reading “Mr. Perry’s Chickens”