Finding sources of Joy and Delight

The results of our recent national elections in the US have left me feeling stunned and shaking my head at what happened. I am in need of finding sources of joy and delight and I need to be finding it fast!

This whole thought, the idea of finding sources of Joy and delight evolved from a question I was asked earlier this month, “How might I be a source of joy for others?” My off-the-cuff and smart-alecky answer was, “Oh, by just being my loving and adorable self!” Yeah, that’ll do it! Frankly, the question struck me as being funny and the only way that I could do anything with it was to have fun with it.

Then again, “delight” is an interesting word because we generally use it to describe something or someone else but never ourselves. Yet I know a few people who always seem to radiate joy and delight whenever I’m in their presence and without them saying a word. It seems to flow through their eyes and faces, a kind of delightful energy of love and grace unseen but surely felt. I’m sure too that these good folks are aware of the impact that they have on others but I’m also betting that they never walk around  thinking of themselves as being actual sources of joy and delight. However these attributes, gifts really, do come from time to time to certain people and when it does it enriches us all. If I could order some on Amazon I would.

Young children seem to be natural reservoirs bursting with joy and delight. (That is, when they’re not howling over something they’re not happy about!) In the weeks following our presidential election I’ve noticed that I lingered longer and paid closer attention to the simple and unguarded joy that the young children that I know exude. I’ll take some to go. Wrap it up and I’ll be back again soon for more! But hanging around young children just to make myself feel happier would be weird if not a bit creepy. So I developed some strategy to get me through—well— the next four years!

My four-year strategic plan:

  • For the time being, whenever the president-elect is annoyed, bothered, angry and starts Tweeting, it makes me smile. I can’t deny it.
  • While at the gym early each morning I’m limiting my exposure to cable news to 20 minutes, then,
  • I switch to my Google Play Music, which seems to understand my pain and offers me upbeat tunes that make me happy.Finding sources of Joy and Delight. google-play-music-logo-sm
  • I have a few friends who either live or own property in Canada. I’m keeping those friendships up and their cell numbers current.
  • I’m hitting the beach and nearby nature trails more frequently lately. I think about sputtering and yelling into the surf and forests, but I don’t want to upset my four-footed companion who arrives for her walks as happy as a lark.
  • I am looking into signing up to receive a left-leaning satirical daily cartoon service, assuming there is one. And if not, there’s a HUGE market there to be tapped.
  • Generally I watch very little TV and I have never watched The Apprentice television show either. Not once. I guess now I’ll have four years to watch it play out live in real time. But I’m no fan of horror shows either, so let’s forget that!

Finding sources of Joy and Delight. cat with fur like Donald TrumpA friend of mine thought that I should find a way to write about my thoughts and discomfort regarding the next president of the United States. I told him that I try hard to avoid writing about politics at Rise This Day. He said, “Then write using satire and comedy.”

Really? Maybe I should. In the meantime I’m sticking with the joy and delight that I find at the beach, on the trails and rowing whaleboats.

Kevin Lee

Author: Kevin Lee

In a nutshell, Kevin fesses up to the following: He’s a retired youth advocate-counselor, a blogger, writer, photographer, rower, Friends Minister, grandpa of six and married to a terrific woman for 43 years and counting!

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