GET BACK UP! is an incredible story of determination, perseverance and hope that people of every age would benefit by seeing and listening too.

Get Back Up!

Get Back Up! Nick Vujcic
Nick Vujcic

Surely we all have moments, days, and for some, even weeks or more, when getting through the day and making sense of the world we live in seems daunting and even impossible. And given the condition of our national and global economy, with so many folks struggling to make ends meet, who are out of work, lack adequate housing or are coping with health issues, it makes it impossible to see beyond our own and immediate situation.

I invite my friends, all of you, family members, colleagues, parents, teens and children, to take a few moments and meet Nick Vujcic, at the time of this video, a 27-year-old Australian who has a message of hope, purpose and faith for us all. Trust me on this one. You’ll be glad that you did.


After updating this post slightly for in April of 2016, and checking on recent media reports of Mr. Vujcic, it seems his message and influence has spread widely. Mr. Vujcic now brings his unique perspective on the world into many organizations and corporations around the world. At the time of this update, Mr. Vujcic is now 33 years old.

Text by Kevin Lee

Author: Kevin Lee

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