Hey Mom, Have You Seen Jack?

Hey Mom, Have You Seen Jack?, is a story from Scripture, honest.

So if the whole God made woman out of Adam’s rib thing doesn’t do it for you, well, here’s another tale that some moms might like better:

God looked around and saw all that he had created, and God was pleased…that is, until he saw Jack sitting in a heap busily frying rocks. God checked his notes, scratched his head, then blew a little more DNA in Jack’s direction, along with a list of chores to do. Then God left for vacation.

When God returned he looked everywhere for Adam and called him by name. God looked upon the birds of the air and among every creature on the earth, who were flying and roaming about as God had intended. And soon he saw Adam, doing as God had expected. But where, God wondered, was Jack? Jack was Adam’s step-brother, who lived on the other side of the river, and God always wondered about all that he had created in Jack.

God called the bank, checked Jack’s transactions, gasped, and froze everything. God looked frantically everywhere for Jack, at every Dunkin Donuts drive through, at Auto Zone, at the dump, all the places God knew  that Jack would visit.

God got really worried, until he saw something-someone off in the distance, wearing what looked like a bright red cap that said, “Make America Great Again.” God shook his head, but alas, God knew that he had finally found Jack.

There Jack was, in the Garden, littered with seven pickup trucks, three boats, drinking beer and grilling mammoth in a make-shift fire pit. God looked around, and then Jack spoke:

“Sorry boss, I accidentally ran the serpent over while backing in the Ford 350. And the note you left only said don’t eat the fruit, and well, I needed firewood for cooking supper. No worries though, I left the fruit right where the tree hit the ground. Here, wanna eat?” Hey Mom, Have You Seen Jack?

And God was pissed. God checked his notes, grabbed his phone and called Oprah. Within three days  the “Book of O” arrived, By chapter two God calmed down and things got better.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Kevin Lee

Author: Kevin Lee

In a nutshell, Kevin fesses up to the following: He's a retired youth advocate-counselor, a blogger, writer, photographer, rower, Friends Minister, grandpa of six and married to a terrific woman for 43 years and counting!

20 thoughts on “Hey Mom, Have You Seen Jack?”

  1. Hello kevin
    thank you for Hey Mom Have you seen Jack?absolutely adored it and thank you for wishing us all a happy mothers day .may i know about the mum who gave the world this fine son?mothers make men it is said kevin so may i know more about the great lady who made you so good and kind?
    warm regards

    1. Hello Unique, it’s great to hear from you again…I’ve wondered (and prayed) that your situation might improve in time. Thanks for your comments about my post and the idea of writing about my own mother. I will have to give that some thought indeed. I’ve never actually thought about doing that, to be honest. Time will tell! My very best to you.

      1. Hello Kevin
        thank you very much for your kind reply .indeed it was a great consolation for me to hear from you again.thank you very much for your prayers .i think everyday about what you said about the writing on the wall and iam thankful for your guidance and advice and will endeavour to abide by it .i did go to the beach -marina beach it is called -the bay of bengal-to be near water as you advised and did feel a repair of the spirit as you so wisely said.
        do write in time about your mum .want to know more about the lady who taught her son to have so much compassion.will wait kevin .also want you to know i like the site gratefulness .org that you have listed among the sites you frequent online.thank you for being Kevin
        warm regards

  2. Ha ha ha! Very funny. I think I know a lot of “Jack’s” here in Ireland. Hope God has as much patience with them, if not I hope Oprah will still be available. Ha ha!

    1. Greating Jam and Tea (great name btw!) Thanks for you thoughts on this story and for taking the time to visit, too. It seems the Jack’s out there are universal…they’re everywhere! Thanks again very much.

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