Home is the place

Home is the Place

Home is the place is a reflection on the following lines by Robert Frost. 

Home is the place you go to where they have to take you in.


Home is the place you go to where they have to take you in?
Well, mostly.
I have been ferrying young ones homeward for thirty-three years.
And in that time everything and nothing has changed.
Tee shirts? Same, but with different heavy metal bands on front
Hair? More colorful, and longer and shorter and none at all.
Worries? Same; “Who loves me?” “Who doesn’t and why?” “Who am I?”
Music? Better, as it roars through headphones, not boom boxes.
Disposition? Same; hopeful, confused, afraid, loving and daring.

For me, getting them home is a strange
and wonderful honor, actually, 

Especially when angels ride too.

When the door shuts and I drive off I think about
what waits beyond the next door they walk through.
Sometimes I smile with amazement and gratitude and
I just want to pray.


The quote above is from The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost.

Kevin Lee

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