How to eat a hot dog!

It seems I never learned How to eat a hot dog until later in life: Six grandchildren, all under six, two moms and two grandparents were cheerfully herded into the rear dining room, off in the corner to a waiting table set for ten. (We called ahead.) The good part about being the first to arrive for lunch means they seat you quickly. The not so good part is that the first batch of food out of the kitchen seemingly took forever.

So Grampa started feeding each starving little seagull with oyster crackers…one kid, one little cracker at a time…one for you, one for you and so forth. Four packages later their food finally arrived. 

Lunch was great, but watching Zach devour his hot dog with total abandon was the real attraction!

How to eat a hot dog

How to eat a hot dog

How to eat a hot dog

How to eat a hot dog

Now that’s the way to eat a hot dog!

Kevin Lee


how to eat a hotdog

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