How We See

How We See

 How we see.

A Japanese artist was commissioned by an American to do a
painting. The completed work had, in a lower corner,
the branch of a cherry tree with a few blossoms and a bird
perched upon it. The entire upper half of the painting was white.
Unhappy, the American asked the artist to put something
else in the painting because it looked, well, so bare.
The Japanese refused the request. When pressed for an explanation,
the artist said that if he did fill up the painting, there would
be no space for the bird to fly.
– Robert A. Rosenstone


This quote has remained a favorite of mine for nearly three decades. Some days I find myself looking for an “uncluttered canvas” on my Google calendar. It’s especially challenging when you’re both the artist and the commissioner of your own “life-canvas and you happen to like the work thus far.”

– K. Lee

Graphic artwork created exclusively for Rise This Day by
Ma. Shayne Krizel Zalameda.

Author: Kevin Lee

In a nutshell, Kevin fesses up to the following: He's a retired youth advocate-counselor, a blogger, writer, photographer, rower, Friends Minister, grandpa of six and married to a terrific woman for 43 years and counting!

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