Lessons in Sand, Surf, Shadows and Life

lessons in sand, surf, shadows and lifeThis week our instructor in our course on Photography as a Spiritual Path, we were asked to reflect on the wonder and wisdom of nature. We were encouraged to worship and meditate first, before taking our cameras out to capture a particular image. But for me, that seldom ever seems to make a difference. In fact, I never do that, actually. So I think that I failed that part of the assignment right out of the gate!

I can be trekking on a trail or along the shoreline, walking and pausing at various intervals along the way on days without my camera at my side. And it’s just that, walking, feeling and seeing. But when I have my camera with me, when it’s in my hands, it’s an entirely different feeling altogether. That’s when it feels more worshipful, more meditative, so much so that it impacts how I step and even how I breathe and the very way that I see things. So for me, with camera in hand, it’s more of a walking meditation and waiting for the Spirit to help me decide when to take the shot.

Anyway, back to our instructor and part two of the assignment which was to consider a quote by Albert Einstein, “Something deeply mysterious had to be behind things.” I sat with this quote for awhile and thought, well yeah, of course, Al, that’s a given…a no brainer. And coming from a man whom we know had both an amazing mind and an awareness of a deeper, spiritual mystery at play in the Universe, and an awareness he didn’t shy away from stating openly in scientific circles, either, I thought that maybe old Al had spent too much time in the lab on the day he uttered that quote.

And then the wisdom and the wonder of nature came to me in one of my images that I took last year called Lessons in Sand, Surf, Shadows and Life. Had I been sitting and meditating on the ledge above without my camera I would have missed the shot. But as I ponder the elements of light and life in play in this image, old Al indeed had it right, something deeply mysterious is behind, within and around all things.

Child's shadow at the beach (1 of 1)

Text and image by K. Lee

Author: Kevin Lee

In a nutshell, Kevin fesses up to the following: He's a retired youth advocate-counselor, a blogger, writer, photographer, rower, Friends Minister, grandpa of six and married to a terrific woman for 43 years and counting!

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  1. the moment is in you, you have no need to “pre- contemplate” it. Go with it, do what you do.Nobody does it better!

    1. Thanks, Wendyl! I seem to have made a lifetime practice anyway of avoiding conformity on many fronts! Why change now? Ha!

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