Low tech moment

Further evidence that computers have almost caught up…or, welcome to my Low tech moment! Here’s what I mean:

I’ve got my cup of tea, the good seat near the window, as the setting sun sends lengthening shadows across the room. Finally, the laptop’s fired up and it’s time to do some writing.

And then it happens. Nothing.

Nothing’s working. I type, and nothing appears on the screen. Even my curser seems to have a mind of it’s own as it drifts across my screen despite my efforts to control it.

When in doubt, I say, hit keys harder, and really let the *#@* return key know who’s boss! But now I’m getting worried. Fearing the worst, I wonder what this will cost.

Calm down, Kevin. Get methodical. Restart, no better yet, reboot the whole damn thing and maybe it’ll smarten up and I can get back writing.

Sip tea. Wait. And try to stay in that fragile mood to write.

We’re up again and it’s not good. The keyboard’s more dead now than ever, even as prompts pop up by themselves as my curser rises and falls, rises and falls across my screen. I leaned back, defeated, done,

and slipped both hands inside my fleece’s wide front pocket to wonder what went wrong and then I felt it, something beautiful and round.

I clutched it, smiling…my laptop’s tiny mouse, turned on, had being running things under cover all along.

Another technological moment solved. Let’s face it. I am a genius.

LowTech 004


Kevin Lee

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