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Thank you for your interest in viewing my photography. Though images are a key part of Rise This Day, I maintain the bulk of my photography on my photo site at Kevin Lee  My photo site is always a work in progress with new galleries being added regularly. For your convenience I have added several brief slide shows of some of my galleries below. The title of each gallery below is also a link that will take you directly to the display on my photo site, if you want to explore more.

Image of Kevin Lee, host of Rise This, holding a camera
Yours Truly, Kevin

Driftwood Essay: While vacationing on a Palm Island in the southern Grenadines several years ago I came across the remains of an old mangrove tree. The water, tides and sand had slowly turned the trunk and roots into a beautifully twisted driftwood display. I spent hours admiring how the light, sand and surf played and swept about the piece, day in and day out. Hope you enjoy it.

Form,  Tools and Time: A friend who knows me well once said, “You seem attracted to a lot of rust, junk, gears and whatnot in your approach to photography Kevin.” That’s true, I confess. There’s a kind of energy in things that have worked hard and had purpose over a long period of time. How a thing was made, its form, to do a task over and over again until it becomes obsolete, gets sidelined and forgotten, is the focus of this gallery.

From Babies to Teens: I have had the great privilege of both working with, and ministering to, many young people for over four decades and (God willing) counting. So it’s no surprise that my joy of photography includes many, many galleries of young people in various settings. I’ve combined a sample of several galleries for this special section called From Babies to Teens. Enjoy.

Miksang Photography: In a nutshell, Miksang teaches photographers to discover fresh images by being contemplative and waiting for what they call a flash of perception before snapping the shutter.The goal and challenge for the photographer is to find beauty in patterns, color and texture in the ordinary things all around us and not to become trapped or persuaded by the typical images that we see in current-day media, etc. (I am a beginning student in Miksang, having taken the Level One training called “Opening the Good Eye.” I hope over time to be able to complete the other four levels if possible.) To learn more about Miksang, visit their site.

This was a sampling and more coming soon. If you’re breathless to see more please visit me at Kevin Lee Photography. Thank you!

Images and text by Kevin Lee ©. All rights of images reserved.