New Footprints have arrived!

New Footprints have arrived is a snapshot at the wonder of new life and the years that follow.

A few weeks ago the world made room for new life at precisely 9:01 PM, October 28, 2007. New Footprints have arrived!. His name is Joshua James Vieira and he comes complete with all the tools to make his way across the planet, all in due time. He is also my grandson, blessing number four.

New Footprints have arrived!

New Footprints Have Arrived!, Joshua Vieira one day old feet

What is it about newborn toes and fingers that seem to hold the essence, hope and wonder of all of life itself? I held this little wonder, fresh from our daughter’s womb, even as his primary goal was to wiggle, suckle and sleep.

Ah, but the photographer in me was itching just as much to capture these early moments that seem to roll on by too quickly. Little feet, barely dry even, outstretched, moving, just because they can!

Time Travel

It is now nine years later. The grandchild tally has gone from four to six! I have lost more hair and have since retired. We are so blessed by the growing “footsteps” in our lives…all six, and all living close by too.

New Footprints have arrived! boy sitting in tidewater at beach
The tide won…!

And the image on the right is also Joshua still moving and taking in his world.

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