A Fox in Every Henhouse

Recently, in this season of waiting — that is, between our presidential election last month and the upcoming Presidential Inauguration on A fox in every henhouseJanuary 20, I heard a news reporter on NPR, in a reference to Mr. Trump’s choices for Cabinet secretaries say, “that it’s looking like we’ll have a fox in every henhouse.” And the phrase got me thinking:

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Finding sources of Joy and Delight

The results of our recent national elections in the US have left me feeling stunned and shaking my head at what happened. I am in need of finding sources of joy and delight and I need to be finding it fast!

This whole thought, the idea of finding sources of Joy and delight evolved from a question I was asked earlier this month, “How might I be a source of joy for others?” My off-the-cuff and smart-alecky answer was, “Oh, by just being my loving and adorable self!” Yeah, that’ll do it! Frankly, the question struck me as being funny and the only way that I could do anything with it was to have fun with it. Continue reading “Finding sources of Joy and Delight”

What am I waiting for?

What am I waiting for? I ask myself this question about six times a day. I think that I’m waiting for divine intervention or for the phone to ring or for Google to send me a map to follow. What am I waiting for?

How about you? What are you waiting for? I’ll bet that you didn’t know that you were actually waiting for something until I asked, did you? Me either, until this darn question arrived in my inbox. That’s the way it is with questions. They’re sneaky. Continue reading “What am I waiting for?”

Regarding flies and dead mackerel

I know, Regarding Flies and Dead Mackerel doesn’t exactly whet the appetite, does it? But neither does this presidential election cycle, frankly. People who know me know that I generally enjoy the political seasons as they come, and thankfully, go. I work the angles with online news subscriptions to lock in lower weekly rates for just enough months that drag me kicking and screaming through the US presidential elections in November every four years.

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Seeing Eye to Eye

Today’s story, Seeing Eye to Eye, would not let me rest until it found its own way into words. It’s a slice of time and change between two lives and where they intersect and learn new ways of moving forward.

Most everyone has either overcome or learned to cope with health and wellness challenges in life. And I can say with equal parts of gratitude and just plain luck, that my journey, thus far at least, has not experienced anywhere near the kinds of serious and life-changing health issues that many people face and live with constantly day by day.

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