Questions to God

At a recent retreat for Quaker children, third floor, corner room, way after lights out sat five or six children with flashlights asking and writing down questions to God. The pace was fluid and free, playful too, and without adult interference.

How and what they wrote would make any parent proud and every Sunday School teacher fulfilled. Scholars could ponder these questions for decades.


Some of my favorites to share with you today are:

If God dies will the world blow up?

Does God ever get lonely?

Does God hang out with other Gods?

Does God ever get hurt?

Did God ever have candy?

When this little band of Quaker heavyweights asked me to read their Questions to God, they asked me if I would put them on my “bloggy thing.” I said sure, I will. Elizabeth emailed within hours of arriving home and asked if I had posted them yet, with another child asking the following day. Far be it from me to wait any longer!

I am struck by the weight and wonder of these questions, from the intensity of each hard-pressed word onto paper to the sheer and simple honesty of how each question rolled to the next.

More to follow in the days ahead. (Okay, Elizabeth? I promise!)

Kevin Lee

Questions to God

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