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Reflection for Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Refuse to be dismissed.
– Recovery Term

If it’s fifty miles into the woods,
it is fifty miles out.
– Recovery term

Put a jackass in a crate and ship it cross-country,
Open the crate and you still have a jackass.
– Recovery Term


Last week I received a call from a thirty-year old woman who was asking me if I still had my stack of sayings mounted on card stock. This woman, who struggled mightily as a teen to get sober, went on to say that she was trying to remember a certain phrase that I  had on one of my cards so that she could share it with a friend. So I grabbed my stack and started reading them to her over the phone. We found the one she wanted near the bottom but we agreed it was fun reading through the batch. We chatted a minute or two longer and hung up. And this exchange got me thinking…

I’ve collected these phrases randomly over thirty years and have used them many times during presentations to high school classes and various adult settings. They’re not strictly “recovery terms,” in the way AA, NA or other 12-Step programs would define them, but they seem to “work” wherever I share them. I’ve passed all of them out in “challenging” classes, like the first and last periods of a school day, where all but two or three students could be declared brain dead, and ask them to simply read what’s on the card. I allow time for silence, for the phrase to sink in, and then start fielding responses which always come and sometimes with amazing enthusiasm.

So in honor of my friend’s continuing recovery, I will share selections from my little stack for the next couple of days. Enjoy.

Kevin Lee

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