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Welcome to Rise Up Quotes, a source of quotes, inspirational nuggets and useful resources that affirm, celebrate, help and mirror our shared human condition. None are strictly religious in nature. Some are spiritual in nature. A few poke fun at our common frailties as people the world over. Rise Up Quotes. Deepac Chopra quote

All of the quotes listed here, divided by subject, hold a special meaning for me and reflect (hopefully) a shared spiritual and overall outlook on the world around us. I have carefully chosen the related resources at the end of each page which I believe can be very useful to many. Hopefully, some will speak to you as well. Check back now and then as new ones arise and are added regularly during the week!

I also welcome your comments and suggestions for other quotes as well. Make a suggestion or send me yours in the comments section below. And thanks again! (To the lady who sent me eight pages of her wonderful quotes to consider adding…I have almost finished going through them and adding some here! Thank!)

Welcome to Rise Up Quotes

Care for Ourselves

Rise to Seize Each Day!

Where Love Is

Living Life FullyRise Up Quotes. Child note to Gretchen

Minding Our Heart

Beauty is the Light of the Heart

Season of Growth

Finding Inner Strength

Hope Is Here

Getting Through Challenging Times

Making Sense of Change

On Aging Well

Regarding Doctors, Medicine and Patients

Everything Family!

Voices for Children

Supportive Quotes for Girls

Essential Reading for Parents

More about family at Everything Family

Being Grateful 

Gratitude Expressed

Spirituality and Prayer

Spiritual VoicesRise Up Quotes. For Keeping Children Safe Online

Thoughts on the Process of Prayer

How Prayer Can Help

Light-Hearted and Spiritual 

Planet Home

Striving for Peace

Helping Others Helps Us Too

Weathering Political Seasons

Thoughts on Kindness

Thoughts on the New Year

Motivation and Creativity

On Being Creative

Motivational Nuggets

Reflections on Art


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