Splendid Table

Recently while searching through my photo galleries for just the right image for a different story, I realized how many images I have of tables. That’s right, tables and all the many ways that we use them in our lives. Of course it’s not the actual tables that we care about (unless you’re a furniture maker) but rather what we do with them, from the most common use of sitting down to table to eat, to tables used for work, play and everything in between. Splendid Table, the popular NPR program may be all about food, but there are other splendid uses too for tables that my photos featured here will hopefully illustrate.

Splendid Table

Image of old wooden picnic table covered in yellow leaves.

 Now this is a harvest table!

Bowl and spoon reflecting early morning light.

No mater what, the dance of  light and shadow arrives.

Image of baby eating cake on his first birthday.

At Kevin’s first birthday table, he knew how to celebrate!

black birds descending on breakfast table in the Caribbean.
Who invited these characters to table?

Two girls playing instruments atop a picnic table.

Concert Table

Image of letters in clay that spell God is our shelter.

Belief and clay on an old wooden table.

Boy playing with Nerf gun under table.

Under the table shelter.

Image of baby bottle, glass of wine and bottle of beer.

Multiple choice table.

Leaves and child's bracelets on wooden table.

Visitor’s Table

Image of table and benches covered in snow.

Chilly Table

Older man teaching boy how to saw atop table.

Teaching Table

Image of children's hands with flour on a table.

Table of hands

Image of hands painted onto t-shirts

Tables of more hands!

Image of dozens of loaves of baked bread on rows of tables.

Bountiful table

Colorful image of deserts, bowls and spoons prepared by Chef Wendyl Ross.

Wendyl’s Table

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Images and text by K. Lee

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Splendid Table

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