Stable Talk

Christmas Eve Day, 2010

Stable Talk is a personal reflection that I wrote at Christmas, 2010, about the following passage by George Fox.

We must not have Christ Jesus, the Lord of Life, put any more in the stable amongst the horses and asses, but he must now have the best chamber; the heart, and the rude, debauched spirit must be turned out. Therefore let him reign, whose right it is, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, by which Holy Ghost you call him Lord, in which Holy Ghost you pray, and by which Holy Ghost you have comfort and fellowship with the Son and with the Father. Therefore know the triumph in the Seed, which is first and last, the beginning and ending, the top and cornerstone.

George Fox, 1657 


Go George! Now that’s what I’m talk’in about!
I’ve relished and hummed all the hymns
and wore my good shoes Christmas Eve.
No one complained.
I was home free
until the stable came down,
the goats went home
and the cradle went back in the attic.

And then He arrived
and moved in.

Kevin Lee

George Fox: Journal, ed J.L. Nichalls, 1952, p. 312. ‘An epistle to Friends’ 1657. Note: “Friends” also means Quakers, or more formally, The Religious Society of Friends.


Author: Kevin Lee

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