The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas 

When the star in the sky is gone
When the kings and princes are homeImage of artwork, Nativity scene, The True Meaning of Christmas
When the shepherds are back with their flocks
The work of Christmas begins
To find the lost
To heal the broken
To feed the hungry
To release the prisoners
To bring peace.

Howard Thurman
I had the poem above almost ready to post, but left to catch up over coffee with a young adult whom I have known since she was in the sixth grade. Kasey brought me up to speed with her college studies and her pay the bills in her near-full time work in retail sales and such. But mostly we talked about her inner passion, her call to ministry, of bringing food, warm clothing and unbridled love to those who lack all three. Continue reading “The True Meaning of Christmas”

Thirty-One Years

Wrapping a tidy looking bow around thirty-one years of wonderful work isn’t easy to do. The memories, keepsakes and lives poured onto paper in notes, drawings and artwork, each given as little gifts have stories to tell and are beautiful to hold.  And somewhere between packing and feeling I fumble, between what the heart takes and holds and the boxes still waiting.Kevin Day Every Tuesday (1 of 1)

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A Workout, Lesson and Prayer

If you’ve been a regular at a local gym, especially the Y’s, Work Out Worlds, and Planet Fitness types of places, you’ve seen this, I’m sure…the silent dance of people moving from one machine and source of pain onto the next. It’s almost as repetitious and programmed as the rack of TV monitors overhead. It looks like this; you’ve got the young bucks in their hoodies looking clueless why they’re there, who wander aimlessly and may in fact be still asleep. In contrast, nearby an endless wall of mirrors, are the sweating power-lifting Hulk wannabes, who stare and chuckle now and then at the maze of boomers (me) strapped into rows of spinning cardio machines.

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My Anger with the Church

Recently I shared something with my wife that I had not focused on for several years. I shared the fact that I’m still dealing with my anger with the church. I’ve been furious with the church for a while now, in fact, the whole damn church. I’ve been especially angry with the Catholic Church, too, and here is why: Continue reading “My Anger with the Church”

Call Ended

First, an urgent text and request to talk…and of course I call… and we map a safer way through crisis. We unpack and name what hurts, and like so many times before, we deconstruct then rearrange a new way forward yet untested.

Time and circumstance prevent meeting face to face, that holy place Call Ended. small dolls standing on a cell phonewhere the language of eyes, body and breath complete the landscape of the living moment. Instead, pauses, heavy silence, exhortations…the terrain of one’s rocky life gets measured through handheld plastics and science, where the assurance of truly hearing and being heard, are left to trust, to chance, to hope, and some prayer, too. Continue reading “Call Ended”