Ways of Kneeling and Kissing the Ground

Ways of Kneeling and Kissing the Ground. Dirt Mound (1 of 1)

I am participating in one of the many e-courses that are offered by the online spiritual community called Spirituality and Practice. The course this time around is called Photography as a Spiritual Path, led by Jan Phillips. (I know, as one of my online friends there said to me, “this course has your name on it, Kevin.”)

This week, one of our assignments was to meditate on The Power of an Image, and then create and share a poster with fellow students, using one of our own images, that reflected a quote by the 13th century mystic poet, Rumi. The quote: “There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”

It’s been my spiritual experience that the image above clearly represents one of the ways of kneeling and kissing the ground.

Text and image by K. Lee

Author: Kevin Lee

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