Webs of Time

I recently led a retreat at Woolman Hill Retreat Center for Quaker children in which our theme was “Giving Time Time.” On Saturday morning we were about to circle up for morning grace and breakfast when Zosia, age 11, came bounding up to me and said, “Kevin! You’ve got to come right now and see the light shinning through the spider webs in the field!”

Given Zosia’s insistence, my love of photography and having a sense of where the morning light was at that moment, I knew she was right. Besides, I thought, I should follow Zosia’s lead and live into our weekend theme of  “Giving Time Time.” I had no choice but to step away and check this thing out.

As anyone who knows and watches light, it does not wait. At eight in the morning the dew and fog was quickly lifting from the old east-facing pasture, and within minutes the full intensity of the sun would have claimed the land for another day. When I arrived I found not one, but several webs, each waving ever so slowly in the morning breeze with a riot of light and colors passing through each.

Here, giving time time,  was just that, and thus these images. Enjoy.












Kevin Lee


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